Rammer of slit coils over the turnstile

In the Cutting Lines, when the slit coils are not strapped in the line’s Coiler, the slit coils are usually evacuated through a carriage and placed in one of the turnstile´s arms. These type of rammer are installed in the turnstiles, so that the tip bands’ points are maintained held, as during this process the coil’s circumferential strapping is not carried out.

It is important that these type of rammers have to be designed in accordance to the carriage´s rammer´s needs, so it cannot interfere between them and to have the security of keeping the slit coils held correctly before the retreat of the carriage. The movements between the rammer that is installed in the turnstile and the rammer that is installed in the carriage have to be synchronized.

This rammer’s activation is by a hydraulic cylinders and it usually carries with it a series of nylon keys for the strap’s passage through those keyholes. The keyhole’s distribution, as well as its quantities and the rammer’s length, are designed according to different type of slit coils that are produced in the Cutting Line.

These types of rammers are usually designed to make different straps manually, as well as in automatic mode through an Automatic Strapping Machine.

SAIZAR can adapt its rammer’s designs to the client’s different needs, depending on the slit coil quantities that want to be introduced in the arm, as well as the strap’s size that wants to be used.

In order to hold correctly the slit coils for the strapping position, it is necessary that each client has to cut all the slit coils, leaving the band’s tips in the same position to hold them correctly. After all the strapping is done, the rammer goes back to its initial position to leave the turnstile to move freely.