Combined strapping heads

This type of head can strap the material using two types of straps: steel and polyester.

Depending on the features of the material to be strapped, as well as the different customers the materials are delivered to, the strapping can be performed with a combination of different strap sizes or types:

  • The same strapping head can carry two strapping lines, one for steel strap and the other one for polyester strap. This way the customer can decide if they want work with one strap or the other one depending on the features of the product to be strapped.
  • The same head can also be composed by various lines to work with different sizes of steel or polyester strap.
  • The operator can choose from the control with which type or size of strap would like to work with.
  • These strapping heads have an intelligent strapping system, namely, they know always the position of the strap and they can solve the possible problems automatically.

Two tipes of strap in one machine

The design of strapping machine with 2 tipes of strap brings a significant economical saving, using in just one machine.