Automatic strapping machine for the construction industry

The strapping machine can perform longitudinal and transversal straps to the same package. For this, a rotary system will be installed at the strapping position and the package will be placed in both strapping positions.

Moreover, the strapping machine can be designed to perform perimeter traps.

The strapping machine can have a lateral displacement in order to be placed in each strapping position, being the package in a fixed position in order to perform the transversal and longitudinal strapping. On the contrary, the package will move to each strapping position and the strapping machine will be in a fixed position.

This strapping machine can work with steel and polyester straps of 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm width.

The strapping head will have a horizontal or vertical movement depending of the characteristics of the package, the strap type and customer needs.

Saving on strapping material

Thanks to our technology, the strap overlap is 70+/-20mm, saving 30% of the material comparing with our competitors.