Semi-automatic strapping machine with automatic strapping head

This type of application is valid to perform the strapping of every type of products, whether they are bundles, coils, etc.

The operator puts the Strapping machine functioning in order the strap be feed until operator’s position and he/she must introduce the strap in the jaw after has surrounded the material to be strapped. Then the operator must down the strapping head against the material to be strapped and the strapping machine will perform the collection, tensioning sealing and cutting automatically.

Once the strapping has been performed, the operator must elevate manually the strapping head to its initial position. This strapping system can be used with steel or polyester strap, from 16mm to a maximum width of 32mm.

Semi-automatic strapping machine with manual strapping system

The operator must introduce the strap manually in the arc feeding system and the operator will be the one that gives the order to be performed the feeding of the strap automatically.

Once the strap has surrounded the material to be strapped, the same must be introduced manually in a pneumatic strapping tool, in order to perform the collection, tensioning, sealing and cutting of the strap manually.

This strapping system can be used with steel or polyester strap, from 10mm to a maximum width of 32mm in the case using polyester strap; on the contrary, in the case of the steel strap, can be use a width from 13mm to 32mm.

Semi-automatic strapping solution for bundles

Varieties of the different sealing systems

Our automatic strapping heads allow using all the available sealing systems of the market: Notching, linker and welding point.