Automatic strapping machine for the lumber industry

The strapping machine will be able to perform the transversal and longitudinal strapping in the same lumber package. For that will be installed a rotation at the strapping position and the lumber package will be placed in both strapping positions.

The strapping machine will also have the possibility to displace laterally to each transversal or longitudinal strapping position while the package is placed in a fix position. On the contrary, in the case the lumber package is displaced to each strapping position, the strapping machine will be in a fix position.

This strapping machine can perform the transversal and longitudinal strapping with steel or polyester of 16mm, 19mm, 25mm or 32mm width.

The strapping head may have horizontal or vertical movement depending on lumber package features and customer needs.

Effective tensioning force

Our strapping heads perform the tensioning force with two tensioning plates allowing having less wear and higher durability of the parts.