Forming systems

The client manipulates the material on its production line, whether tubes, bars, sheets, profiles, etc. individually. Before carrying out the strapping, it is necessary to form the bundle, manipulating the material one by one in order to ensure the correct forming of the bundle.

SAIZAR can offer the forming system, with a counting system, depending on the bundle’s dimensions that the costumer wants to knock into shape. In order to make that possible, this system, has a transporting system and lifting for the material, as also it has a lifting trolley to form the bundle, as well as some guides to keep the package shaped.

Forming the bundle can be carried out in a various ways, depending on the characteristics of the material, being able to be done through some transport devices, an elevation system with magnets, an empty elevation system, etc.

The bundles to be knocked into shape can have a round, hexagonal, square or rectangular shape, handling different types of materials, whether round, square, rectangular and irregular shapes of different outlines.

This type of forming systems must be in contact with the client’s production line to know at all times what type of material is arriving and how it is wanted to knock into shape the bundle.

SAIZAR can produce the forming system according to each costumer’s needs, depending on the material’s characteristics, dimensions, etc. to be formed.