Automatic strapping machine for the transversal & longitudinal strapping of metal sheets

The automatic strapping machine can perform transversal or longitudinal straps to the same package. For this purpose, it will be installed a rotary system at the strapping position and the package will be located in both strapping positions.

Moreover, the strapping machine can move to each strapping position (transversal or longitudinal) while the package is in a fixed position. On the other hand, in case the package is moved into each strapping position, the strapping machine will be in a fixed position.

This strapping machine can perform steel and/or polyester straps with 16mm, 19mm, 25mm or 32mm width.

The head will have a vertical position in order to perform each of the straps.

In the case the customer requires, a printer can be installed next to the strapping machine or along with the strap can be introduced wooden bars, cardboard, corner protectors, etc.

Local design

All SAIZAR products are completely designed and manufactured by our staff at our facilities.