Automatic strapping machine for wire coils

This strapping machine can perform each of the radial strappings while the coil is in vertical or horizontal position. The machine can perform different strapping with steel or/and polyester strap of 16mm, 19mm, 25mm or 32mm width.

In order to strap, the head will have a horizontal movement, performing the sealing at the front part of the wire coil.

In the strapping position will be installed a rotation system in order to place the wire coil at each strapping position.

Saizar can add the introducing of different elements, such as compactor, labelling system, o-rings, corner protectors, cardboard, etc.

This Automatic Strapping Machine can make the radial straps being the coil compacted. The strap used is steel 32 mm.

The sealed of the strap is done by the strapping head with horizontal movement in the front part of the wire coil.

In this machine, the coil turns to each strap position when it has to be strapped.

In this application, the sealed system is by clamp. As it is seen, this machine has the introduction of O-rings in order to evacuate the wire coil by crane.

Design and manufacturing

The design and manufacturing of the strapping machines is robust for different industries.