Automatic strapping machine for the radial strapping of slit coils

This strapping machine performs radial straps while the coil is in vertical position. Moreover, it can perform radial straps with polyester or/and steel strap with 16mm, 19mm, 25mm or 32mm width.

In order to strap, the head will have a vertical movement, performing the strap in the flat part of the slit coil.

The coil will be turned to each strapping position in order to perform the strapping.

If the customer requires, Saizar is able to incorporate a labelling system, as well as a piece of wood and cardboard to protect the goods.

Also exists the possibility to perform the strapping on package composed by different slit coils one above the other.


The design of our machines allows to have an easy access to all the machines parts, facilitating their maintenance.