Automatic strapping machine for radial & circunferential strapping of coil

This strapping machine can perform both strapping (radial and circumferential), while the coil is in horizontal position (been the coil transported with the eye in the perpendicular or parallel to the direction of the transport) and strapping the goods with steel or polyester strap of 16mm, 19mm, 25, and 32mm width.

The strapping machine will be hold in a frame and the strapping head will have vertical movement. This strapping machine will be assembled in the floor, with the coil hold in a saddle and the strapping machine will displace to each strapping position.

In order to perform both strapping, the strapping head will have a 90º rotation system.

With the purpose of protecting the products from the strapping material, we can design a machine which can introduce cardboard or corner protectors between the goods and the strapping material. Furthermore, if the customer requires, we can add a labelling system in the same machine.

Strapping flexibility

Our strapping machines can work with any brand and strap type.