Automatic strapping machine for circumferential strapping of coils

This Strapping Machine can perform Circumferential strapping while the coil is in horizontal position (where it will be transported with the coil’s eye in perpendicular or parallel to the transport direction). The Strapping Machine can carry out the strapping either with PET strap and/ or steel strap with a width of 16mm, 19mm, 25mm or 32mm.

Depending on the Line’s characteristics, the strapping head can work in horizontal or vertical way, carrying out the sealing in the frontal part or in the superior part of the coil.

On the other hand, the Strapping Machines can be manufactured in a fixed position while the coil is displaced to each strapping position or it can be produced with a lateral displacement while the coil is in a fixed position.

In order to protect the product from the strapping material, SAIZAR can design a Strapping Machine which can introduce cardboard protectors between the product to strap and the strapping material. Additionally, if the client requires, we could introduce a labeling system in the Strapping Machine.

Besides, the Strapping Machine can be designed to strap the coils while they are in the same spindle or turnstile.



SAIZAR’s strapping machines are able to work 24/07, with easy and simple maintenance.