Automatic strapping machine for radial strapping of coil

This strapping machine can perform radial strapping, while the coil is in horizontal position (being the eye of the coil displaced in perpendicular or in parallel to the transport direction). The same machine can perform the strapping with steel and polyester strap with 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm width.

Depending on the characteristics of the line, the head can work in horizontal or vertical position, performing the sealing in the front or top side of the coil.

In the strapping position must be integrated a rotatory system in order to turn the coil and being able to perform the strapping in different positions.

In order to protect the product from the strapping, we can introduce cardboard or corner protectors. Furthermore, a labelling system can be added if the customer requires it.

Saving on strapping material

Thanks to our technology, the overlap of the strap is 70+/-20mm, saving 30% of the material comparing with our competitors.