Automatic strapping machine for the transversal & longitudinal strapping of ingots

Automatic Strapping Machine for the transversal and longitudinal strapping of ingots packages.

The Automatic Strapping Machine performs 3 transversal strapping and 2 longitudinal strapping with PET strap of 19mm, with a turning system designed by SAIZAR. This solution consists of having the ingots packages stopped in the strapping position stopping in the point of reference, so that the Automatic Strapping Machine can perform each required transversal & longitudinal strapping, as the carriage of the Strapping Machine has a lateral displacement system.

This solution has also an elevation system of the packages with the aim of suspending the packages as well as to elevate the blocks of the base. This elevation system has different positions: down, intermediate and up, because depending on the required strapping, the package will be in different heights. Besides a 90º turning system is integrated in order to place the package in the longitudinal as well as in transversal strapping position.

This solution is a robust and, at the same time, simple machine for any maintenance and reparation work. The Strapping Machine’s movements are simple to study by an Operator as it is designed to make the handling easier.