Strapping tables with rotation system

In certain applications where the strapping has to be done in different positions, whether for the strapping of sheet coils, slit coils, wire coils or sheet packages, two different types of strapping tables are installed with rotation system integrated.

These strapping tables carry with it a series of chains or rollers, depending on the application, to transport the material to be strapped till the strapping position. These tables are usually synchronized with the entry and exit transporters, so that the material can be displaced in a correct way.

Depending on the application requested by the client, different exterior and interior centred systems, elevation systems, etc. can be installed in the strapping tables with the aim of making the strapping process easier.

Moreover, in order to make the strap’s passage easier, whether for a manual or automatic strapping application, different strap guides are usually introduced in each strapping position.

Due to the fact that the client usually requests to make the strapping in different positions, these strapping tables usually have include a rotation system, powering up by an electric gear motor or a hydraulic motor, controlling the different stops by a driver or a encoder.

Depending on the material’s measures and weight to be strapped, as well as the available space, SAIZAR designs these type of strapping tables in accordance with the client’s needs.