O-Ring introduction system

There are applications where the customer usually needs to insert the o-rings during the strapping process, for the evacuation of the material through the crane. Normally, these types of applications are installed in radial strapping processes of wire coils, as well as in the strapping of packages.

This o-ring introduction system is usually installed in SAIZAR’s Automatic Strapping Machines, crossing the strap through the inner zone of the ring, so that the ring stays in the upper part of the material to be strapped.

SAIZAR can adapt its o-ring systems to the different o-rings that the client may have in his production plant.

This system consists of a o-ring store where a total of 100 o-rings can be stored and while they are introduced, the pressure that is applied on the o-ring block decreases automatically. In the case of introduction of the o-ring, there are different pneumatic, mechanical and electrical elements that make up this system, which their purpose is to place the o-ring correctly on the material to be strapped.

The o-ring system can be adapted to the different client’s needs and can be connected with the automatic strapping machines manufactured by SAIZAR.