Compact Systems

During the different applications before the strapping, it is necessarily to compact the material, either the wire coils, wire rod coils, bar bundles, profile bundles or tubes bundles.

SAIZAR has different kinds of compact bases depending on the material to compact and the customer’s different necessities.

In the case of wire coils or wire rod coils, compact systems either in vertical position or horizontal position are installed, depending on the moment that the wire’s position when it is during the compacting process. These types of compactors use a series of nylon sheets that in order to avoid the material to be damaged during the compact process. The customer can choose the compact force that can be used through the touch screen, in base of the material’s characteristic to be compacted. This kind of compact system is used to trigger by hydraulic cylinders, being able to make pressures from 5 Ton to 30 Ton.

When the customer requires the compact of the packages, either profile, tubes or bars, the objective of these systems is to knock into shape the package, keeping in compacted during the strapping process. This kind of application can be triggered by hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, depending of the application. In order to compact, these systems can take a series of nylon pieces, sling, etc. to avoid the damaging of the material.

The compact systems can adjust to the strapping process, either in automatic or manual mode.

Depending of the characteristics and the material’s dimensions to compact, it is required a bigger amount or a bigger force of compact, letting SAIZAR to analyze the most appropriate solution for each costumers’ needs.