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Saizar strapping machines


SAIZAR Strapping Machines is a company specialized in supplying all kind of strapping solutions for the metal, graphite, agricultural, lumber and construction industries. We design and manufacture all kind of solutions bear in mind customer needs as well as their plant circumstances, exploring all the possibilities and considering the best options, in order to offer the customer a customized solution which satisfied their needs.

The total adaptability of our solutions makes many customers find SAIZAR as the ideal supplier to work with.

SAIZAR´s machines can strap all kind of goods, with steel and polyester strap. After all, we design and manufacture our own automatic strapping heads that can be used with all the sealing systems that are in the market, offering an adequate tensioning and sealing for each type of application and with the particularity that the strapping heads are denominated “intelligent”.


Help to improve our customer’s production process offering all kind of strapping solutions and adapting them to each facility’s needs.


Until today, as a result of the work done in the innovation and development of new products, SAIZAR has the following patents.

After sales service

Quick customer support with an assistance service and spare parts supply of 48/72 hours.