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Coil packaging line


The operator should place the coil, using the crane, on the carriage situated at the entry of the line. When the coil has been displaced one position, the operator is able to introduce another coil at the line entry and so on until there are coils in all positions.

In one of the positions, the coil is weighed by a weighing system situated under the frame of the line.

In another position, the coil is circumferentially strapped. The strapping machine carries two automatic strapping heads so the two circumferential straps are done at the same time. In order to perform the strapping the strapping machine displaces laterally and enters to the line and when the strapping has been performed, returns to its initial position.

To perform the radial strapping, the coil is displaced to another strapping position. Then using another automatic strapping machine, two radial straps are performed at the same time (using two automatic strapping heads). To be possible to perform more radial straps at different positions, the strapping heads carry a rotary system incorporated. Once the radial strapping has been performed, the strapping machine returns to its initial position.

The line also has an automatic labelling system, which places two labels on the coil inner diameter, where are printed the specifications of the coil and other information required by the customer.

Once the coil has been weighed, circumferentially and radially strapped and labelled, it is displaced to the end of the line, where the operator removes it by the crane.

The automatic strapping machines can perform the circumferential/radial straps with steel strap and/or polyester strap.

This packaging line can be adapted to the available space and specifications required by the customer without problems.

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