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We produce automatic strapping heads composed by own technology for 16, 19, 25 and 32mm steel and polyester strap.
• Technology

It is our own and patented product, developed 100% in our facilities. Depending on costumers needs and kind of application can be composed by a hydraulic or pneumatic system for applications using steel strap and by a pneumatic system for applications using polyester strap.

• Strap advance/collection

The strap advance and collection can be regulated to different speeds.

• Tensioning

Due to the effective tensioning system, the strap can be tightened against the material to be strapped as much as costumer requires. The tensioning strength to be applied to the material to be strapped can be adjusted by the costumer.

• Sealing

For the sealing system SAIZAR strapping heads can be composed by notching system, TIG welding system or linkers system (clips) in case of the strapping heads for steel strap, and by the vibration system in case of the strapping heads for polyester strap. Mentioned systems perform great resistance sealing and the choice of one or the other is determined by the customer requirements and application nature.

• “Intelligent” heads

If once the strap has been fed doesn’t arrive correctly to the strapping zone, the strapping head detects automatically the anomaly, retreats the strap, cuts the defective tip and feeds it again properly.

• Easy to operate and maintain

SAIZAR has designed its strapping heads emphasizing in the convenience of the operator during the operation and maintenance of the heads.

• Optimal performance

SAIZAR Strapping heads are designed to work in hostile conditions with a work rate of 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, ensuring high efficiency in the strapping.

• Adaptability

The heads can be adapted for the assembly in other producer’s automatic strapping machines. This way the most relevant part from an automatic strapping machine can be replaced without need to acquire complete one.

SAIZAR Strapping head for steel strapSAIZAR Strapping head for polyester strap

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