Carriages conveyors with/ without tilting system

Depending on each project’s requirements, SAIZAR can supply various carriages conveyors with/ without tilting system in their Packing Lines.

These carriage conveyors are usually used to transport different material from one station to another, whether wire coils, baskets with coils, packages, sheet coils, etc.

These carriage conveyors can displace by rails or lineal guides, through electric gear motors, hydraulic motors, etc. depending on the needs integrating a precise detection system by shifter and encoders.

The carriage conveyors can integrate roller or chains transporters to make the material passage from one station to another easier.

These carriage depending on the application, can integrate a rotatory system to spin the material, hence, to make the evacuation easier.

Moreover, the carriages can integrate a tilting systems. This movement is usually used for the evacuation of the wire coils, for the wire coils baskets´ extraction or for the sheet coils´ evacuation.

The carriage conveyors are designed and manufactured depending on each client’s needs, depending on the material’s measures and weigh to be transported and adjusting to the available space at the client’s facilities.