Wooden runners introduction system

There are some applications where the client requires to introduce wooden runners in order to do the strapping, so that the material would be protected and store it in a correct way. These wooden runners are introduced in the inferior side of the material to be strapped in most of the occasions, but there is also a possibility to place the wooden runners in the package’s vertical side as well as in the package’s superior side.

This wooden runner introduction system is an automatic system where the wooden runner is introduced in the position of strapping, before the strapping.

The wooden runner’s measures can vary, whether width, height and length, depending on the material’s characteristic to strap.

In most of the cases, the wooden runners have a keyhole in the inferior part for the strap’s passage.

The wooden runners are usually introduced in a basket, which is designed for the wooden runner quantity introduction required by the client, being able to introduce from 20 wooden runners to 100 wooden runners. Regarding the wooden runners introduction for the strapping position, there is usually a pusher, which can introduce the wooden runner to the desired position by the operator depending on the material’s measures to be strapped.

The wooden runner introduction in the basket can be carried out at the machine level or outside, considering some cases where the client requires additional cages so that they can have a wooden runner basket in the machine working and the other one outside the machine to make the loading from the outside.

These wooden runner systems are usually incorporated in the strapping system, so that the wooden runner introduction can be done in a synchronize way as well as its corresponding strapping.