The cardboard/ corner protectors introduction system

Depending of the application and the material to strap, some customers require introducing a piece of cardboard or corner protectors in every strapping position, to protect the steel or polyester strap against the material.

The cardboard introduction system has the mission to surround the material to strap, covering the entire strap position perimeter. SAIZAR can introduce any kind of cardboard protectors in automatic mode, before carrying out the strapping.

On the contrary, the corner protectors introduction system introduces them at the edges of the material to be strapped, either a package or bundle or a coil, to avoid the material damage. The corner protectors to be inserted can be introduced in every strapping position, before carrying out the strapping or the entire package’s length to be strapped. These corner protectors can be introduced in vertical position or horizontal position.

SAIZAR can adapt these systems to all the different dimension, type and quality of cardboards and corner protectors and install them in the Automatic Strapping Machines, offering all the strapping process and material protection, in the same process, working synchronously in automatic mode.