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Strapping head for polyester strap

Saizar has an exclusive strapping head model which can strap the products with polyester strap from a minimum width of 16mm to a maximum width of 32mm.

Saizar designs and manufactures these strapping head models completely at its facilities, using the sealing system by friction/vibration. Those strapping heads have an intelligent strapping system, that is to say, they know always the position of the strap and they can solve the possible problems automatically.

In this type of strapping heads the tensioning force can be adjusted to customer needs depending on the characteristics of the product to be strapped. The speed is variable, depending on the position of the strap.

Another of their main characteristic is that can be used the strap of any supplier of strap, as long as technical requirements are met, in order to assure the correct operation of the Strapping machine.

  CASP 16 CASP 19 CASP 25 CASP 32
500 mm
750 mm
850 mm
Strap width 16 mm 19 mm 25 mm 32 mm
Strap thickness 0,60 mm / 1,52 mm 0,80 mm / 1,52 mm
Sealing Friction - vibration
Sealing resistance Approx. 80% Steel strap breaking load
Collection speed/Feeding speed 1,5 m/s
Tensioning force 4500 N 5000 N 5500 N 6000 N
Working pressure 6 bar.
Electro valve pressure 24 V C.C
Weight 180 kg 190 kg

More effective and better quality sealing system

The sealing system of the strapping head for polyester strap is by friction/vibration, being possible to adjust the sealing time depending on the type of strap to be used.