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Steel strap pneumatic strapping tool FSA-19

The pneumatic strapping tool for steel strap, model FSA-19, can seal through a single or double notch.

In the next table, we will point out the technical characteristics of this product:

Type of strap Steel
Width and thickness 19mm x 0,40mm – 0,80 / 1mm
Length 350mm / 430 mm
Width 140mm / 260 mm
Height 170mm / 310 mm
Weight 4 kg / 10,3 kg
Working pressure 5,5-7 bars / 78-99 psi
Air consumption 12 L/s – 25cuft/min
Max. Strap tension 2000N–5500N-7500N-9000N 6 bars – 87 psi
Tensioning speed 12 mt/m @ 2000N
5 mt/m @ 5500N
4,5 mt/m @ 9000N
4 mt/m @ 7500N
Sealing Single or double notch
Sealing strength 75-80% of the strap breaking load*

* Variable depending on the strap type

Industry Know-how

After years of experience in the industry, SAIZAR staff uses this knowledge to keep innovating and developing its product range.