Extractor system for baskets

During applications where the client has to handle with wire coils that are introduced in the baskets, after the compacting and the strapping process, they require to extract the wire coil from the baskets.

In order to do so, the baskets with the wire coils are turned around, placing the coil’s eye in horizontal position. Therefore, when the extraction system is elevated until it makes contact with the wire coil’s inferior side and, at the same time an arm holds the coil’s top part making the coil held at the top and at the under part. Once the coils are held, the carriage that supports the basket is displaced backwards so that the basket can be extracted from the wire coil.

Once the wire coil is extracted, it can move to the next station, by the extraction system, by chains conveyor or by an elevation system to proceed to the product’s weighing, wrapping and labelling.

The extraction system is carried out by hydraulic cylinders and in order to not to damage the wire coil, it is produced by different nylon pieces, having the pressure to apply to the wire coil regulated in the screen.

The extraction system can adjust to different wire coils, as well as different baskets to make the extraction of them easier.