Labelling Systems

SAIZAR offers the possibility to label the products in an automatic way through different equipments that are available.

There is a possibility that the label can be printed over sticker, over the plastic sheet and offer other labelling systems depending on the product.

The label can carry printed the information requested by the client, whether the product’s characteristics, production date, QR Codes, bar codes, etc. giving the option to print in different colours and sizes.

The label can be attached to the own product or over a sheet, whether plastic, metallic or ceramic.

SAIZAR can provide the labelling system’s manipulation and placing systems in an automatic way, which the label needs to carry two holes for the strap’s passage and, therefore, the sheet with the label can be placed with the strapping.

The labelling system can be installed in different products such as wire coils, coils, packages, etc. which its aim is to have a control of the products in accordance with the printed label.