Weighing systems

SAIZAR offers the possibility to install weighing systems in the Strapping and Packaging Lines that are usually installed. The aim of this weighing system is to control the product’s weigh whether wire coil, steel coil, package, etc.

The weighing systems can go integrated in different equipments such as carriages, strapping tables, different conveyors, elevators, etc. depending on the client’s needs.

These weighing systems can weigh different material of different size and weight, adapting to any kind of products.

The weighing system can be made up of different load cells and platform depending on whether the product to be weighed is going to be moving or stopped during the weighing process.

The information related to the weight can be shown in the screen and the mentioned data will be transmitted to the client’s PC, so that the client can handle the data depending on the needs. In installations where the weighing system is introduced in the Packaging Line, there is a possibility of sending the mentioned data to the labelling system in order to print this information in the label.